Erik Voorhees presents a new AI platform that promises unfiltered privacy and free speech

Erik Voorhees, founder of Shapeshift, announced the debut of Venice, an artificial intelligence (AI) application that promises greater privacy and unrestricted freedom of speech. Unlike traditional AI services, Venice is designed to operate without the “Orwellian” oversight typical of centralized platforms, offering a truly private and uncensored user experience.

New AI on the block: Venice aims to redefine privacy and free speech

Venice is attempting to position itself as a direct competitor to established AI models like Openai’s Chatgpt and Anthropic’s Claude, leveraging open source technology to ensure user privacy and data security. Second Erik Voorhees and the announcement blog post hosted on its website, the AI ​​model emphasizes end-to-end encrypted interactions where user data is neither stored nor tracked, ensuring a private digital environment .

Venice’s unique proposition over the competition lies in its commitment to uncensored and unbiased AI-powered communications, setting it apart in a landscape where AI often comes with built-in content moderation. Voorhees explained on social media platform X that the platform is not just about increased security; It also integrates multiple features, including text chat, image generation, and code development.

This versatility is supported by a solid structure that supports user autonomy with respect to interactions with artificial intelligence. “Uncensored,” Voorhees he noted. “Venice does not censor the underlying open source models that power it (although each model differs in training and limitations). We treat you like an adult, capable of using information technology without paternalism. Free speech = human flourishing.”

The Shapeshift founder added:

For Pro accounts, Venice lets you change conversation parameters and limits through direct access to the system prompt, something none of the centralized providers offer.

Voorhees and the announcement specify that Venezia is much more than just an artificial intelligence service; it’s a statement against the monopolistic tendencies of big tech companies. The launch reflects a growing movement advocating for decentralized, permissionless digital services. Voorhees believes that such One approach not only preserves privacy and promotes free speech, but also promotes the broader advancement of civilization by minimizing corporate and government involvement.

What do you think of the new AI Venice platform from the founder of Shapeshift? Share your thoughts and opinions on this topic in the comments section below.

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